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Copy vs. Design: Which One Is the Real Key to Landing Page Success?

Where should you spend more time focusing on, the written copy or the visual design of your ads and landing page?

While design is often seen as one of the most significant factors when it comes to landing page performance, a recent analysis by Unbounce showed that copy is actually twice as important as design when it comes to conversion rates.

Unbounce used machine learning to predict conversion rates based on the content of landing pages and their visual design.

They found that across all industries, copy had twice the relative influence over design when it comes to converting visitors to customers. This suggests that, while design is still important, it's not the main driver of landing page performance.

To help with your landing page optimization, Unbounce recommends focusing on perfecting your copy to capture the audience you're targeting.

If you struggle with writing copy, they suggest trying their new AI-powered content generator called Smart Copy, I would use ChatGTP with Quillbot.

These tools can provide you with high-converting suggestions based on your industry and the type of content you need.

Unbounce's analysis also suggests that design is not something to overlook completely.

A well-designed landing page can still improve your conversion rate, just not to the extent that copy can. If you struggle with design, Unbounce suggests using their Smart Builder tool to create a page with dynamic layouts that can do the hard work for you, and it does!

In conclusion, copy is the key factor for landing page success, but design still matters. I have proved this idea on both my LP and Ads, and to my surprise, the copy (mostly those that respond directly and emotionally to my customer's pains) are the ones that have produce a more robust ROAS.

By optimizing your landing page copy and using design to complement it, you can create a high-converting landing page that delivers the results you want. And with the help of Unbounce's machine learning tools and Smart Builder, you can achieve even better results and make informed decisions based on the latest available data.

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