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Case Study: Lead Generation Transformation of a Home Improvement Company


One of the Home Improvement Companies I had the privilege of working with, which is also a leading provider of home renovation services in the country, was seeking to become more customer-centric and generate its own leads using state-of-the-art technologies and effective marketing strategies. The company's goal was to align its offerings more closely with customer needs, driving top and bottom-line growth through focused and disciplined actions.

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The company needed to understand its customers better, streamline its processes, and enhance its systems to provide a seamless, frictionless, omni-channel customer experience. The key challenge was to leverage technology and marketing strategies to generate high-quality leads.


The company collaborated with a digital transformation agency to establish a process for the following activities:

  1. Alignment on Priorities and Outcomes: The company established alignment with key business unit and functional owners on priorities and outcomes, with a particular focus on lead generation.

  2. Customer Research and Persona Development: Exploratory research was conducted with internal subject matter experts to capture their perspective on customer journeys. Further customer research was conducted to develop detailed personas based on customer needs, requirements, preferences, and competitive experiences, and more in-depth psychographics & demographics.

  3. Lead Generation Strategy: Based on the customer personas and journeys, a comprehensive lead generation strategy was developed. This strategy included a mix of content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing. The company also implemented a CRM system to manage and nurture these leads effectively.

  4. Insights and Funding: The insights were aligned with major initiatives, and business cases were developed for additional funding, particularly for technology investments that would support the lead generation strategy.

  5. Documentation and Action Plans: Extensive documentation was developed for the socialization and application of the insights. Detailed action plans were developed and implemented, with a focus on lead generation activities.


The company underwent a major transformation in its processes and systems to offer a more seamless, frictionless, omni-channel customer experience.

The lead generation strategy resulted in a significant increase in high-quality leads. Data were integrated and analyzed to create a 'single source of the truth' for staff and customers. Support staff were trained on new systems that provided greater access to information to address customer inquiries.

Self-service tools were refined for ease of navigation and completion of tasks. Communications were developed to better inform customers about products, services, solutions, and tools. Internally, these changes drove efficiencies over time, and ultimately, this transformation increased customer confidence in the decision to hire the Home Improvement Company for their renovation needs.

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